IoT and The Future Medical Technology

In a constantly connected world great things are possible with the Internet of Medical Technology.

The Future of Healthcare

Constant collaboration, reliable communication, patient and data management make healthcare one of the most complex industries to deploy IoT solutions and really improve healthcare delivery. There is no doubt a shift happening and an adoption of IoT and tracking solutions to increase effective data management and governance, safe and efficient accessibility and operating systems.

IoT technology helps hospital administrators improve efficiency and reduce errors. It’s a powerful addition to healthcare and will help us move from reactive and acute care to preventative and predicative medicine.

Technology advancements will move us away from solutions designed for the masses to solutions with personalized treatments and more relevant care.

We strive to create integrated solutions to work with your hospitals IT environment to capture and store patient data and feed it directly to your EMR. With a streamlined system clinicians can access the right data from anywhere and have access to relevant, detailed information they need to make informed care decisions.

There is an increased demand and opportunity for improvement when it comes to the use of digital solutions, communication tools, the Internet of Things, robotics, personal smartphones, telemedicine, artificial intelligence and cloud solutions.

Many IoT devices require high performance, and resilient internet connection is vital and can assist with delivering improved patient care resulting in improved patient health.

5G is definitely a foundation on which we can build high tech and efficient frameworks for ‘smart’ hospitals and benefit from the software solutions that are implemented. At Merge, we focus on the advances of location based IoT solutions, asset management and patient flow.

Most hospital should be implementing an IoT strategy to make use of cutting edge technology to improve their services and operation.

In healthcare, technology can be used to improve many aspects of service delivery from providing efficient communication and collaboration for doctors, staff and teams to ensuring quality care, safety and security within a facility and optimal management, control and privacy in terms of patient data and medical advisory.

Merge Africa assists hospitals, clinics and healthcare professionals and facilities in a variety of ways.

We focus on connecting you to your patients, your staff and the healthcare ecosystem you need to operate in while also doing what is required to help you optimize the way you care for you patients, cut costs and do more for your bottom line.

Merge Africa consults with facilities and delivers on tracking, IoT and communication solutions. We consider the challenges faced in the medical industry and work on solutions that solve these challenges.

Some of these challenges include:

  • Device Provisioning
  • Device Management
  • Data Governance
  • Cross-domain Cyber Security

What we can do for you:

Find equipment quickly. See where equipment is in real-time so you can find it when you need it. With reliable, real-time visibility, there’s no need for equipment hoarding.

Track lost and stolen equipment. With real-time tracking and alert systems, our solution lets you know where you high-value asset are or when they’re moved from a designated area or leave a hospital.

Customizable and scalable solutions. With the right tracking solution you are able to track and find your assets and acquire informative data about utilization rates which enables you to cut costs and only purchase what you truly need.

Improves care delivery and staff support. With the right solutions hospitals can spend less time looking for equipment and spend more time focused on their staff and patient well-being.

Depending on your needs we can develop fully managed services. This includes helping select hardware to supporting you through development and after launch.