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Merge Africa is a level 2 BEE Technology Company. We provide technology services and products to solve unique business problems across several domains.

Merge Services

Servicing clients globally, Merge has the ability to work as an independent partner or as an extension of your team to optimize business operations and service delivery.

Internet of Things

We provide solutions that address business IoT requirements, including bespoke electronics development, manufacturing and programming.

System Integration

We use the latest technologies to empower effective collaboration between business operations and IT.

Machine Learning

We use artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to develop Chatbots and solutions that drive decision-making and assist with effective business insights, operations and productivity.

Application Development Services

We build cost effective, efficient and tailor-made software solutions for our clients to solve unique and specific business problems.

Cloud Computing

Overcome business challenges with our customized cloud computing services and packages.

Technology Outsourcing

Hire the best talent. We can work with clients as an extension of their operation to develop their teams, platforms and software depending on budget and requirements.

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About Merge • Africa

We believe in our products, our team and the services we offer to our clients. Merge Africa is based in South Africa but servicing companies far beyond. We partner with businesses across trade and industry to develop solutions that improve business operations, cut costs and improve employee and service efficiency. 

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Our mission is to help our clients achieve growth and efficiency. We recognize that every business and industry has unique pain points and challenges so we work closely with business leaders to build solutions that work for their unique use cases. From cost reduction and operation optimization, to software product development, system integration, marketing and sales, we've got your technology requirements covered. 

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